Cathrine Fossum on the transition to reality: – Scary

You have probably seen Cathrine Fossum (44) on your TV screen at home in the living room, whether it has been on Good Morning Norway, Åsted Norge or 21-Nyhetene.

Now the news anchor will be seen in a completely different format – namely as a participant in TV 2’s new reality concept “Traitor”, which will be on the screen in the autumn.

Then there will be excitement, mind games and tactics on the agenda for the presenter, and she now reveals that it has been a demanding experience:

– It was very intense, demanding, exciting, educational – but also fun. We didn’t quite know what we were getting into, so I think that there are probably more people who noticed that this was a fierce reality start, she reveals to TV 2.

Psychological game

In a house in Sandefjord, the 20 participants will live together, where they will live under unpredictable conditions with accusations, lies and secrets – all to find out who the traitors in the gang are. The participants cannot be trusted here some.

For that reason, this is one of the concepts that stands out from the crowd in Norway, which also results in this being very unknown.

– It’s scary to say yes when you don’t know what you’re agreeing to. I spoke to very nice people who assured me that this is a good thing to be involved in, and that it is not negatively driven, she says and continues:

– There is a bit of mystery about the whole concept, and I was curious – so I had to say yes!

With over 20 years in the TV industry, she has a lot of experience in getting to know all kinds of people. It was still a big challenge to be placed with 19 others in a large house.

– I love getting to know and meeting new people, but getting to know people in a situation that was a game – was more demanding than I had thought. Remembering that it’s a game was challenging when it comes to relationships. It was more difficult and demanding, but also rewarding.

“Reality bubble”

Many who take part in reality talk about the infamous reality bubble, and Fossum adds not hide that she also got to feel it.

– I hoped that I wouldn’t end up in the reality bubble that everyone is talking about, but I did. It became so real for me, and it surprisingly only took one hour before I ended up in that bubble, she says with a laugh and continues:

– I have heard so much about that bubble, and it existed to the highest degree for me. In my job, I am mostly used to working with live TV. I have the most experience there, and you always have control. But being part of something where you have to give up control; the was challenging.

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Despite the fact that 20 people were gathered inside a house, each with their own personalities, both big and small, she still has good contact with them today.

– I didn’t quite know who everyone was, but my children knew many of them. It’s an incredibly nice group and we met afterwards. Being part of Forræder was a special experience, which it was good to share with the others, says Fossum.

– It’s always a great pleasure for me to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have met, just like with Sommerhytta.

Cathrine Fossum will be the new program manager for Sommerhytta

Had performance anxiety

Because right after the recording of “Forræder”, she went straight to leading the newest season of “Sommerhytta”, which will be on TV 2 in the spring.

Then she was to go from being part of reality – to leading other fresh reality participants who were soon to get a taste of the infamous bubble. This meant that this time she also got to see it from the participants’ perspective:

– I have great understanding and sympathy for those involved. Because it will be your whole life when you are there. “Sommerhytta” is a wonderful experience to be a part of! It is a very good concept where you cultivate mastery, and that facing challenges or obstacles does not mean that you need to give up, she says, and adds:

– It was a completely different role to other things I have done, so I had a bit of performance anxiety. But I actually thought that the transition went well. But there was also a kind of bubble for ten weeks, and with all the good people, there will be a bubble in the presenter role, too. You become happy with everyone.

Watch “Forræder” on TV 2 and TV 2 Play this autumn.

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