Cathrine Fossum will be the new program manager for Sommerhytta

For six seasons, Guri Solberg (45) has led Sommerhytta with a steady hand. Next season, however, will be led by another TV 2 profile.

Cathrine Fossum (44) takes over as Sommerhytta host.

– It is an honor to be allowed to borrow the baton from Guri. She has done an incredibly good job, says Fossum when hits the thread.

Skilled gang

Suggests an idea your girlfriend does not like

Although the sixth season of Sommerhytta is rolling on the TV screen now, Fossum and the rest of the gang are already in the process of recording the seventh season. This year, the recording has been added to the idyllic Sveavannet in Lunner municipality on Hadeland. Here, four young couples compete to win their summer cottage.

The 44-year-old is very much looking forward to being the host of Sommerhytta, and she looks forward to working with the program which has had great success on TV 2.

– The summer cabin is a great success, much thanks to the talented group who work with the program – and not least the participants. It is great fun to be allowed to join the gang, she says.

Did not have the opportunity

Solberg currently lives in New York, and thus does not have the opportunity to participate in the recording of the seventh Sommerhytta season.

Earlier this year, it was also announced that Solberg will take over as news anchor in the main broadcasts on TV 2 for Siri Kleiven Strøm (35) who is expecting a child. This autumn, she will enter a full-time position in TV 2 Nyheten.

The 45-year-old has no doubt that Fossum will handle the role of host with brilliance.

– Cathrine is a steady and talented lady who will lead Sommerhytta with style. Hope she enjoys herself as much as I do among the good cabin builders, she says.

NEWS ANCHOR: Guri Solberg will work as a news anchor in TV 2 Nyheten, and will therefore not lead the seventh season of Sommerhytta.  Photo: TV 2

NEWS ANCHOR: Guri Solberg will work as a news anchor in TV 2 Nyheten, and will therefore not lead the seventh season of Sommerhytta. Photo: TV 2

A new arena

Fossum already has extensive experience as a presenter in Good Morning Norway and news anchor on Nyhetskanalen. Although the role of presenter is not far from what she has done in the past, she is clear on how to embrace it.

– I will be myself, and be allowed to show other sides of me, than what I do in the news. I am surrounded by skilled people at all levels – and not least the experts who have been involved in this many times – and are very good sparring partners for me.

One difference from her usual grazing is that Sommerhytta is not broadcast live. When they now start recording, she does not rule out that it can be challenging to handle certain situations.

Here, host Cathrine Fossum is surprised live

– It’s about the closeness to what is happening. I’m curious about things and reactions – why the emotions come in exactly the given situation. As a journalist, I find it fascinating how people handle different situations. To be able to use the journalistic and personal curiosity I think will be fun, she says.

Running an entertainment program, on the other hand, is something she has never done before. Therefore, she is grateful for that trust.

– To be allowed to take my current news background, into the world of programs and entertainment, as this quality program is – it’s a lot of fun and exciting. I’m really looking forward to being allowed to.

Questioning fly on the wall

Fossum himself describes himself as a curious person – both in terms of news, but also life and the close things.

The TV 2 profile rarely talks loudly about this

– I am very fond of people, and love to meet and get to know new people. That I’m allowed to be the host of a program that is all about people, is going to be fun.

– Getting close to them and being a questioning fly on the wall will be fun. It’s about relationships, getting to know new people, competitive instinct, joys, sorrows, coping, making mistakes – and getting up again. I will surely love everyone, 100 percent for sure, she emphasizes.

Program editor in TV 2 Kathrine Haldorsen is happy to have Fossum on the team.

– Cathrine is a very good host who will be a steady replacement for Guri. She is genuinely fond of people, and will be a safe haven for the cabin people, says Haldorsen.

Watch the sixth season of Sommerhytta on TV 2 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on TV 2 Play when you want.

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