Causes earthquake of 7.7 damage in more than 6 thousand houses

CDMX.- Last Monday’s magnitude 7.7 earthquake left more than 6,000 houses damaged, most of them in Michoacán, Colima and Jalisco.

In Michoacán alone, the Government reported at least 3,161 homes damaged, 800 of them collapsed, as well as damage to hospitals, schools and highways after the 7.7 earthquake, whose epicenter was in Coalcomán, to the south of this entity.

It is expected that the Municipalities of Coahuayana, Chinicuila, Coalcomán and Aquila will be declared disaster areas.

The Government of Colima reported 2,790 homes affected in 10 municipalities, as well as three highways that will have to be rebuilt.

The INAH also reported about thirty cultural buildings damaged, including 25 temples in Michoacán, epicenter of the tremor, and the rest in Colima, Jalisco and Nayarit, whose Cathedral was affected.

In Mexico City, at least 76 schools were damaged.

The Albino García Elementary School, in Colonia Santa Cruz Meyehualco, Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office, was the only one that had to suspend classes indefinitely, because it was classified as a high-risk property.

Another five campuses, located in the Iztapalapa, Tláhuac, Benito Juárez and Cuauhtémoc municipalities, were classified as medium risk and 70 as low risk.

“Yes, he gave us a shake,” says Ramírez Bedolla

“All the affected areas are communicated, there is only one point between Lázaro Cárdenas and Maruata (Aquila) where there are large embankments that will surely be removed today (yesterday),” Moreno Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla reported yesterday in a conference.

“The truth is that nature was benevolent to us. It did give us a shake, but there is no loss of human life, there are no missing persons, there are no trapped persons. Communications are fluid, correct, both by telephone and by land.”

According to the review carried out to date, the most affected sector is housing.

“Next, we have the numbers by municipality: Coahuayana with 1,143 homes affected, 398 collapsed; in Aquila there were 1,133 homes structurally damaged and 400 homes collapsed; in Chinicuila there were 24 homes, zero collapsed homes, and in Coalcomán, which was the epicenter, there were only 63 homes affected, but none collapsed,” said Nelson Bautista Gómez, director of State Highways and Roads.

The official also reported damage to the churches of Nuevo Parangaricutiro, Tingüindín and Cotija; as well as communication routes, among which are: a stone collapse on the 21st century highway; damage to the Ticuiz Bridge and the Coahuayana Bridge, and cracks at various points on the Coastal Highway.

While in Colima, the state government reported that the earthquake left a balance of 2,790 homes affected in 10 municipalities, as well as three roads that will have to be rebuilt.

In a conference headed by the Governor Indira Vizcaíno, Marisol Neri León, Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Mobility, indicated that this figure is a first balance made in coordination with the municipalities, and the list includes the houses that had from minor damage to structural problems.

“In Armería we have 300 homes that have been reported; in the municipality of Colima, we have a report of 121 homes; in Comala, between urban and rural areas, we have 45 reports; in Coquimatlán, urban and rural areas, 320 homes; in Cuauhtémoc, in urban and rural areas, 60 affected homes.

“Furthermore, in Ixtlahuacán, 60 homes between urban and rural; in Manzanillo, 496 in urban and rural areas; in Minatitlán, 80 homes between urban and rural areas; in Tecomán, 1,282 homes between urban and rural areas; and in Villa de Álvarez , 20 homes affected. This gives a total of 2,790 homes affected until the cutoff at 4:30 in the afternoon, however, more information will be collected, “he explained.

In the case of highways, he said, damage was recorded on 13 roads, however, only in three of them, Ixtlahuacán -Las Conchas, Cerro de Ortega- Callejones and the Delirio highway, were there deep cracks that will require total reconstruction.

Governor Vizcaíno reported that the census of the affected people has already begun so that they can be included in the aid of the Ministry of Welfare, which is authorized by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The brunette announced that there will be no classes today because the structural review of the campuses continues, most of which are in good condition so far.

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