CAUTION: They detect pirated cartridges for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is going through one of its best commercial moments thanks to its versatile console, the Nintendo Switch, whose design and performance allow you to take the fun everywhere.

We have already talked about the vast areas of opportunity for improvement that this product has, we have even addressed the case of some curious accessories that could turn the laptop into an extension of a gaming pc.

However, it is a fact that today, even with all these not so positive variables, the Japanese company is going through one of its best financial and creative moments.

So those who own a Nintendo Switch know perfectly well that the rules of the game are a little different than with the PlayStation or the Xbox.

Since Switch games, for example, practically never go down in price, even for older titles, and the second-hand market with used cartridges is still expensive compared to PS4, PS5 and the Xbox family.

It is here that many will be able to feel longing for the old days of the first Microsoft consoles, where it was possible to get pirated games at ridiculous prices.

But now a curious case has just emerged that may be a matter of extreme concern for some owners of this portable console.

The history of pirated Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon

As we shared with you, Splatoon 3 has been a monumental sales success in Japan, with such a large flow of units that even getting a copy of the game is becoming a challenge.

So, as reported to us from nintendothere was a user on Twitter, under the name of @ArkFFXIVwhich has echoed an alarming situation of fraud that began to appear in the second-hand market there.

Where some consumers bought a copy of Splatoon 3 in the Amazon Japan outlet, in theory being a used cartridge. But when the package arrived they ran into this:

As we can see, both copies look identical at first glance. But there are some details that are revealed as the victim opens the package.

The cover print is only on one side, the card-cartridge label has weird print quality, and the memory is simply useless.

It is therefore a relatively convincing replica of Splatoon 3, but in the end it does not run on the Switch. A pirate game that doesn’t even work.

The concern now is that this problem will spread.

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