Cavalcade of missed chances – HJK lost points after weak attacking play: & quot; We were really bad & quot;

HJK had a lot of time but only managed to get the ball in once against FC Lahti. It was only enough for 1-1 and the second loss of the season for the reigning champions. The end result is really upsetting, says Santeri Hostikka.

It was basically a game on a half of the field in the second half between FC Lahti and HJK. The home team FC Lahti was properly pushed back but the team can be happy about HJK’s blunt attack.

It was well blocked by the blue and white Helsinkiers. It was shots and nods that went outside the goal frame, and the balls that went on goal saved Lahti’s goalkeeper Antonio Reguero.

– The end result is really annoying. We came here for a victory but we were really bad. I do not know the reason but we were just bad. We create chances but it’s about small things, says HJK’s Santeri Hostikka to Ruutu.

Olusanya equalized and blocked

FC Lahti took the lead in the first half. After 18 minutes, Teemu Penninkangas sent a free kick in high over the penalty box.

The home team still did not keep their lead for very long. Four minutes later it was acknowledged. Reguero misjudged a post and Anthony Olusanya got an empty goal when he placed the ball.

– We were a bit wrong in the positions at HJK’s goal and it was a quick counterattack, says Penninkangas.

HJK could have decided the match already in the first half, and Jaro product Olusanya should have scored another goal before the break. With a few minutes left to play in the half, he was completely clean in the penalty area but did not get a hit on the ball.

KuPS won and took over the league lead

Lahti did not have much to add to the match apart from the lead goal and the team can be happy with the first point at home this season.

– It was very defensive for us in the second half. It’s annoying that we could not hold the ball anymore and once we had it, there were many mistakes. This is still a good point for us as we have started the season weakly here at home, says Penningkangas.

KuPS needed just over half a game to dismiss FC Haka. Tim Väyrynen made it 1-0 after just under half an hour and Janis Ikaunieks made it 2-0 after 39 minutes. Ikaunieks screwed in a nice free kick.

It ended up being 2-1 for KuPS, which is the only team that has not lost this season. The team now leads the league on the same points as HJK who have played one more match.


FC Lahti – HJK 1-1 (1-1)
18´ 1–0 Teemu Penninkangas
22´ 1–1 Anthony Olusanya

KuPS – FC Haka 2–1 (2–0)
28´ 1–0 Tim Väyrynen
39´ 2–0 Janis Ikaunieks
86´ 2–1 Oliver Whyte

Image source: Ruutu

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