CDMX lacks magnetism

Out of 48 cities evaluated according to “its ‘magnetism’, Mexico City ranks 44th. It is only more attractive than Jakarta, Cairo, Johannesburg and Mumbai.

The above, according to the Global Power City Index 2021 or GPCI (Powerful Cities Index) that yesterday, November 25, was released by the Institute of Urban Strategies of the Mori Memorial Foundation, based in Tokyo.

As can be read at, the GPCI 2021 “assesses and ranks the world’s major cities according to their ‘magnetism’ or their comprehensive power to attract people, capital and businesses from around the world. It does so by measuring six functions — Economy, Research and Development, Cultural Interaction, Habitability, Environment, and Accessibility — providing a multidimensional classification. The GPCI is able to capture the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of global cities in a world in constant change not only through a classification, but also through the analysis of the specific components of that classification ”.

Each of the cities is evaluated according to “six urban functions and each of these functions comprises multiple groups of indicators (total: 26 groups), which in turn consist of several indicators. A total of 70 indicators are used in the GPCI. Average scores for each indicator within a group of indicators are combined to calculate the specific rankings of a city’s function, which are then added together to determine its comprehensive ranking. The highest possible total score equals 2,600 points. “

The main preliminary results of the GPCI 2021 are the following:

In the general classification the CDMX obtained 787.6 points, below 43 cities and well below the five most magnetic, which are: London (1644.1), New York (1482.9), Tokyo (1411.0), Paris (1350.8) and Singapore ( 1232.8).

Of the Latin American cities, Buenos Aires ranked 40th, with 871.9 points and Sao Paulo 43rd, with 820.8.

During the last 10 years, CDMX fell from place 36 to 43, which indicates that it has been losing its appeal. Only from 2018 to 2019 it fell from 39th place to 43rd.

Regarding each of the six functions, the CDMX occupied these places in the GPCI 2021: Economy (43), Research and Development (43), Cultural Interaction (16), Habitability (43), Environment (37 ) and Accessibility (41).

More about the CDMX:

For corporate executives it ranks 47th, just above Cairo. For highly skilled workers it is 45.

From the perspective of tourists, it is in 22nd place, while for those who live in it, it is 44th.

In summary: according to the analysis of the Institute of Urban Strategies, CDMX does not have the magnetism that other 43 have to attract people, capital and companies from all over the world.

I was born in CDMX and I have lived almost all my life there. I have had the opportunity to travel to others around the world and, as much as I want it, I must admit that my hometown falls short when compared to many of them.

Almost 700 years after its foundation, it still has a long way to go to be more magnetic and attractive so that the capitals and companies that promote its development can reach it.

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