Cécile Bois (Candice Renoir) evokes the education of her two daughters

This Friday, January 14, Cécile Bois granted an interview to Gala in which she returned to the judgment of the series Candice Renoir. The 50-year-old actress also opened up about her daughters.

For many years, Cécile Bois has entered the hearts of the French thanks to the broadcast on France 2 of Candice Renoir. The adventures of his character are always successful, with more than 5 million viewers at the rendezvous, making Candice Renoir one of the most successful series on France 2. The success is explained by well-crafted scenarios, always related to current events and social issues such as racism, feminism or even LGBT rights. But all good things must end. Indeed, at the end of its season 10, Candice Renoir will end as a series, but the heroine could return to the screen episodically, with unitary 90-minute TV movies. Proof that France Télévisions does not intend to release one of its most emblematic fictions. “It was at the initiative of the channel, which wanted to change the series, and I needed more time. We found this medium-term solution, to allow us to renew the series and the stories, with a different format. At the moment, everything is under construction”, reacted the main interested party following the announcement of the end of the series.

A mother “cool” most…

With the cessation of Candice Renoir in the form of a series, Cécile Bois will be able to find free time to take care of her family and in particular her two daughters. Very discreet about her private life, the 50-year-old actress decided to say a little more during an interview with Gala. Asked about the resemblance between her character in Candice Renoir and her, the actress replied: “I’m a cooler mom than Candice, because her job comes before her kids. She may love them, but she plants them regularly so she can investigate. I don’t feel like I’m planting my children as much as she does!”

“All dialogues are possible”

Then Cecile Bois added : “As far as I’m concerned, my daughters remain a priority. Most there are still some points where I’m not super cool, including education, laxity, tidying up or homework…” And the actress continues: I need to have polite and educated children. I’m not a cool mother in all respects, but I’m very open-minded. All dialogues are possible with me and my daughters know it.”

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