“Celebrity BB” newcomer Catrin Heyne – “I don’t know a pig, but I know you”

Two residents have already voluntarily thrown in the towel on “Celebrity Big Brother”. In addition to insurance detective Patrick Hufen (52), perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance (33) also disappeared. But there was a shrill newcomer.

The blonde Catrin Heyne (38) now wants to shake up the TV container and introduced herself to her roommates when she moved in: “I don’t know a pig, but I know you!” She’s even right!

The blonde was happy “like a schnitzel” that she was allowed in the “Big Brother” house. However, many viewers asked themselves on Thursday evening: Who is the woman who was allowed to check in directly to the luxury loft?

“Celebrity Big Brother” newcomer Catrin Heyne (right) was allowed to make herself comfortable in the luxury loft right from the start. Erotic model Micaela Schäfer greets you in a bra

Photo: SAT.1

The native Saxon is known – if at all – as a TV emigrant from “Goodbye Germany”.

Twelve years ago she emigrated to Switzerland with her husband Marco, first worked there as a cashier and is now the manager of eleven tanning salons.

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“I finally want to show who this Catrin Heyne is with the little crack in the bowl,” says the trained dental assistant.

And further: “Most people misjudge me. When they see me, they think I’m just a chick who stands in front of the mirror 24/7 and smears glue on my face.”

“Celebrity BB” newcomer Catrin Heyne says of herself: “I’m the perfect ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ resident because I have a positive attitude towards life and I can get people involved”. It will be interesting to see if she really does it

Photo: SAT.1/Nadine Rupp

Nevertheless, looking perfect is one of her top priorities. This is of course more difficult with “Celebrity Big Brother” – depending on which area you end up in (luxury loft, garage or attic).

Supposedly no problem for Catrin. “It is my goal that Heyne can finally be seen without a filter and without glue on her face. I just want to show who Catrin Heyne is and that includes being without make-up.”

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The paint isn’t off yet. But if it’s far away, it could be a surprising sight even for the 38-year-old with the breasts and extensions made. Because she says: “When I see myself in the mirror without make-up, I ask myself, who is that actually? I don’t like to see myself without make-up either, but it’s part of the show and in the end I don’t have a problem with it.”

What or who will the blonde at “ Miss Celebrity Big Brother” the most? “My husband, of course,” says Catrin. “But I’m not going to cry about it every day. It’s not like I’ve been away for five years.” Catrin has been with her husband for 14 years and they’ve been married for eight years.

Alongside her husband Marco, her parents are “the most important people in my life”, according to the emigrant. “You also have a big part in who I am today.”

A little fun fact: the new celebrity BB resident is an absolute cheese junkie: “I eat one or two packs of low-fat cheese a day.”

Getting into the hearts of viewers and their celebrity BB roommates may not be as easy as Catrin would like. Because she knows: “I polarize really strongly. I say what I think. Either you hate me or you love me!”

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