‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – Jeremy Fragrance voluntarily left the show

Even the moderator duo was overwhelmed by this situation…

On Wednesday evening, the live show threatened by “Celebrity Big Brother” almost out of control. In the last few minutes, the shrillest resident caused a big surprise. perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance (33) voluntarily threw in the towel without any prior notice and made what was probably the most awkward exit of all seasons.

The fan community of the container show was shocked and hotly debated the internet. At the beginning hardly anyone had the scent dandy on their screens, but the eccentric became more and more the favorite candidate among TV jails. Jeremy didn’t want to exchange his white suit for the “Big Brother” outfit, annoyed the flatmates with senseless wisdom, hardly ate anything and did push-ups at every opportunity.

Nevertheless, things went really well for the TikToker in the container. After winning a match, he was even allowed to move into the luxury loft. On Wednesday evening, “slug” Micaela Schäfer (39) and reality star Jennifer Iglesias (24) were also added. But no sooner had the ladies taken over the whirlpool than the nasty surprise followed.

Celebrity Big Brother Secret!? “Jeremy is in love with me!”

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Jeremy announced out of nowhere: “Well, I have to tell you something: I’m going to go.” The women’s duo no longer understood the world. “What? Why?” His explanation didn’t make sense to anyone. The candidate: “I even think I would win if I stayed.” But: “You should go when it’s most beautiful.”

Then he let himself be carried away with a weird comparison, saying: “Like Nico Rosberg when he won his world title and then stopped.” In the end it got pretty bizarre. Jeremy explained verbosely that he could pick up his mother from the train station and continue with his “business”. The big brother interrupted the dropout at some point and asked again as a precaution: “Are you really sure that you want to go?” Followed by the request: “Then go now!”

It was minutes before Jeremy actually left. Meanwhile, there was a lot of excitement in the TV studio. Moderator Marlene Lufen (51): “We’re a bit stunned because we actually got to know Jeremy Fragrance as a great, interesting resident.” He could hardly be tamed when he stood between the hostess and co-moderator Jochen Schropp (44). . “Haven’t eaten in eight days, dude! Only drank water for eight days!” The ex-TV prisoner sounded.

Alone alone.  Jeremy in the luxury loft

Alone alone. Jeremy in the luxury loft

Photo: SAT.1

Schropp, who was slowly becoming too colorful: “Come on, sit down here!” But the candidate didn’t get quieter and pulled off a one-man show. “I love ‘Celebrity Big Brother’! Rarely experienced something so great!” the perfume guru called out to the audience. The moderators hardly got a conversation with him. Schropp accused the influencer of a certain amount of calculation, accusing him: “Do you know why I’m a little disappointed? Because I felt from the start that you said, ‘I’ll stay in here for a week and then I’ll leave.’ And I think that’s a total shame.”

The internet star denied that, but at the same time mocked the meager existence on the show. What particularly excited him: “My third luxury item was the Gospel of John. They didn’t give it to me, dude! It’s always on my bedside table in the evenings.” Jeremy in a rage: “But I kept my mouth shut!” Nevertheless, the moderators tried to say goodbye. Marlene Lufen at the end: “You said a lot of nice things on the show. And I think it’s a shame that you’re taking that away from us now.”

This means that “Celebrity Big Brother” is poorer by an entertaining candidate.

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