Celebrity Big Brother: Statement on Zoff on the "attic"

Thick air in the attic: With “Celebrity Big Brother” some viewers argue too far – what the broadcaster says about it.

After a number of comments from Valentina, who sometimes speaks in the third person about Jeremy Fragrance, who is only a few steps away from her and logically overhears everything, even roommate and singer Jay Khan’s collar burst. He explained to the blonde in episode 2 that while he didn’t agree with all of Jeremy Fragrance’s actions in the container, her behavior was also wrong. Since the scenes were broadcast, there have been many comments on social networks demanding that Valentina Doronina be excluded from the show.

“Big Brother sees everything and will react if necessary”

Under the hashtag #walentinaraus, a number of users comment: remember the posts by Celebrity Big Brother and demand consequences. Many viewers even accuse her of bullying. Harmless gossip or too much? A spokesman responded to TVSPIELFILM.de with the following statement:

“Big Brother understands that Jeremy’s community is behind Jeremy and passionately defends and wants to protect him. But Big Brother also sees that in the attic of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ the dispute between Valentina and Jeremy in the group has already been well settled. Basically applies as always: Big Brother sees everything and will react if necessary.”

Whether and how the conflict continues can be seen daily at 10:15 p.m. on Sat.1 and at any time on JOYN.

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