Census 2022: There are 650,000 census takers who take to the streets throughout the country

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 | 7:59 a.m.

The 2022 National Census will culminate this Wednesday with the traditional face-to-face operation in all homes in the country, with the participation of more than 600,000 people between urban and rural census takers and national and provincial coordinators, while some 18 million people have already responded to the census digital.

“We are very enthusiastic about the operation since it is a great challenge that involves 650,000 census takers who will be on the street, plus the census structure that involves the coordinators,” said the director of Indec, Marco Lavagna, according to the Télam agency.

The objective is to register more than 15 million dwellings and more than 45 million people.

“We distribute more than 300,000 census kits throughout the country, all the organization and investment is very large around being able to have this essential information,” Lavagna added in statements to the press.

Meanwhile, Lavagna detailed that about 40% of households have already responded to the digital census, which is equivalent to “about 18 million people”, and said that it can be answered until this Wednesday at 8, the start time of the operation. presence in the country.

The census operation

This Wednesday, May 18, decreed a national holiday, the operation will be carried out in private homes in urban areas throughout the Argentine territory, where census takers will carry out face-to-face interviews with those who have not completed the digital questionnaire or will request proof of completion. of the digital Census, where appropriate.

The Census consists of four operations: rural homes, collective homes (prisons, hospitals, nursing homes or naval bases), homeless people and urban homes that will be censused this Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The National Census of Collective Housing of the Penitentiary Service 2022 was carried out in a coordinated manner between the Indec, the Ministries of Economy and Justice and Human Rights of the province of Buenos Aires, and the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB).

The operation, which began on Wednesday, May 11 and ended on Monday night, involved 258 census takers belonging to the SPB, who took a census of people deprived of their liberty housed in 57 prisons and 9 city halls belonging to the province of Buenos Aires.

The questionnaire delved into information on levels of education achieved; place of birth; if they have health coverage; and, in the case of foreigners, they were asked what year they arrived in Argentina, among other questions.

In the case of the operation to take a census of homeless people, 265 census takers were involved who visited around 75 locations throughout the country, being the first time that an operation of this singularity has been carried out.

During the traditional operation, the 2022 Census will have accessibility strategies to facilitate the registration of people with disabilities, as part of an accessibility plan developed by Indec together with the National Disability Agency (Andis).

In this way, both the census takers and the people to be registered will be able to consult the ANDIS WhatsApp (011-2478-4746) about accessibility strategies, request specific advice and also support.

In addition, users of Argentine Sign Language (LSA) may request an interpreting service by video call.

In all operations, census takers will wear a bib with the image of the 2022 Census and the telephone number of the help desk (0800-345-2022), in addition to a credential with their personal data (name, surname and DNI).

The 2010 Census, the last edition carried out in Argentina, reported 40,117,096 inhabitants and the operation scheduled for 2020 had to be postponed two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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