Central African Republic: a plane from abroad bombed soldiers and their Russian allies, the Wagner group

The Russian private security group Wagner, designated by the Central African government as “Allies”, is fighting rebels in the north of the country.

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Lhe government of the Central African Republic said on Monday that a plane that came and went to a neighboring country bombed a camp of soldiers and their Russian paramilitary “allies” in the north during the night, causing only damage.

The device “dropped explosives in the town” of Bossangoa “targeting the base of our Defense forces, that of our Allies as well as the cotton factory”, reads a press release from the government of this country. where the army and hundreds of fighters from the Russian private security group Wagner fight rebels. Bangui always refers to the Russian paramilitaries by the word “Allies”.

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This is the first time, at least publicly announced, that this alleged attack by a hostile aircraft has occurred, at least since the start of the civil war in 2013.

“These explosives caused significant material damage,” the statement continued. “This aircraft, after having committed these packages (…) took the direction of the north (…) before crossing our borders”, assures the government. It is Chad that lies north of Bossangoa, a town not long ago in the hands of rebels.

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