Cepeda: “Historical Pact will present a project to reform Congress”

During the last months Colombia He lived his most recent electoral day, to determine who would be the next president. On this occasion, Colombians leaned to the left and thus placed Gustavo Petro as president, a candidate who was accompanied by the Historical Pact throughout his campaign for the presidency.

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Gustavo Petro emerged victorious on June 19, after obtaining the support of 11,281,013 Colombians. While his rival Rodolfo Hernández reached 10,580,412 votes. This fact would demonstrate the desire for change in the country, because they decided not to vote for the conservative right.

In the last hours, different personalities have spoken to congratulate Gustavo Petro, as well as to express themselves in relation to what the next government will be. Among those who have spoken have been Alvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos.

On the other hand, Ivan Cepeda was one of those who spoke out and clarified that on July 20 from the Historical Pact a reform will be presented to modify the Congressarguing that it is necessary for the country.

The words of Ivan Cepeda Twitter were: “The bench of the Historical Pactfulfilling the commitment made in the electoral campaign, on July 20 he will present a project to reform the Congress in order to turn it into a transparent and non-corrupt institution, at the service of citizens and efficient in its legislative work.”

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