Cerati impersonator denounces that more than S / 60 thousand was stolen from his accounts after theft of his cell phone

Miguel Samamé, better known as the imitator of the Argentine singer-songwriter Gustavo Cerati and who participated in several galas of the “Yo Soy” program, denounced this Wednesday that he was the victim of cybercriminals after suffering the theft of his cell phone. The subjects transferred more than S / 60,000 in various banking operations.

As detailed by the imitator to Latina, everything happened when he went to pick up his father at the Rebagliati hospital. “Between noon and 1 in the afternoon, when I was going to pick up my father who was in a medical emergency, (everything happened). Unable to park on the perimeter, I looked for a space on the periphery and I decided to park waiting for my mother to call me informing my father’s departure time”, He specified.

“(Then) I decide to get out of the car to consume something in a warehouse and a motorized vehicle with a box of Rappi passes by and snatches my cell phone”, added.

Despite suffering the theft of his cell phone, Samamé He decided to continue with his activities worried about his father’s health. “Since my father was in very poor health, he cannot take care of himself, I give priority to him. I’m going to pick it up and take it home. And from there I go out to see the cell phone issue. In that course of an hour and a half, I go to one of Claro’s headquarters which is in San Isidro, in the Begonias. I cancel the chip, buy a new cell phone and go to work “, he counted.

It was only at 7 pm, after finishing work, that the singer decided to restore all his applications to his new cell phone. “I insert the BCP application and the card code and I am surprised that more than S / 60 thousand had been stolen from me”, he pointed. He added that the criminals made several transactions of S / 10,000, S / 15,000 and even S / 20,000.

Faced with this situation, the Gustavo Cerati impersonator explained that the money he had saved was for any eventuality that arose in his family due to illness or some other emergency.

“It is actually money that in this situation you no longer know what it is for, because no one knows when you can fall ill. Right now, let’s say, that there is no certainty of what could happen to us. That money is basically thinking about a contingency, either for my parents or for me, for a health issue “, he asserted.

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