CES 2023: HL Group brings EV solutions, HL Mando brings autonomous driving technology

CES 2023: HL Group brings EV solutions, HL Mando brings autonomous driving technology

HL Group will participate in CES 2023 (2023 Consumer Electronics Show), a grand technology event, with HL Mando, which focuses on electric vehicle (EV) solutions, and HL Klemove, which focuses on autonomous driving.

Electronic Corner Module by HL Mando

The theme of HL Mando is “Imagine Every Move”, which will cover the entire front of the booth in the West Hall with dynamic K street dance moves, spreading the wings of imagination on CES 2023. HL Mando and HL Klemove will present unique futuristic products in the Flexible Mobility Zone and Smart Mobility Zone respectively. In addition, their joint activities are rich in diversity, combining the strengths of well-known mobility companies such as Argus and Sonatus.

The main video of K Street Dance introduces various techniques of HL Mando and HL Klemove. In the event, the development and value of technology will be expressed in dynamic forms, such as flexible movements, intelligent movements, multi-movements, and easy movements displayed through dynamic K hip-hop movements, including lock dance, hand-folding dance and hand-swinging dance. Everyone can understand the technical trends of HL Mando and HL Klemove through hip-hop without boundaries. These new technologies, as well as the future vision of the two companies, will be released separately in the exhibition display area.

HL Mando decorated the exhibition area around the company’s Electronic Corner Module (Electronic Corner Module) (picture). This electronic corner module is the pinnacle of electrification systems, including brakes, steering, suspension components and vehicle drive motors. HL Mando has developed the electronic corner module thanks to the extensive experience in developing “X-by-Wire (*SbW, *BbW)”. Its applications are quite broad, ranging from obvious small, medium and large vehicles, to small and large delivery robots, to environmentally friendly multi-purpose mobility vehicles (*PBV). The strength of the electronic corner module lies in its four-wheel independent steering method, enabling concepts that were once impossible, such as parallel (perpendicular) parking and U-turns. The electronic corner module, *EMB and SbW system can all be viewed live at the event. At the same time, the derivative technology of HL Mando will also further increase the existing fun. You’ll be able to experience other electrification products through a variety of videos, including e-freight (last mile mobility), patrol robots, parking robots, and more.

At the same time, the term “Smart Mobility Zone” comes from the company name “HL Klemove”. The word “Klemove” is a combination of the words “Clever” (wisdom) and “Move” (to move). The company is committed to providing “smart mobility systems” and will showcase a range of different solutions at the upcoming CES, ranging from autonomous driving Level 2+ to Level 4 products. The family of products will include high-performance radars that more than double the existing detection range through the application of 3D antennas; ultra-high-resolution cameras and *DCUs that support over-the-air updates (OTA), and *area ECUs that provide a new generation of centralized architecture . The Level 4 autonomous shuttle driving video, the epitome of HL Klemove’s autonomous driving solution, will be unveiled for the first time at CES 2023 on January 5.

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