CES 2023: LG Display announces surprisingly thin car speakers

The subsidiary of the Korean manufacturer replaces traditional car speakers with vibrating plates that do not take up space and offer, according to LG Display, a rich immersive 3D experience.

CES 2023 hasn’t started yet (it will have to wait until January 5), but LG Display has decided to take the lead. And the subsidiary of the Korean manufacturer dedicated to the display does not present a new screen but… loudspeakers intended for cars. And these surprise with their thinness and plate-like design, as shown in the image below:

LG DisplayAudio

The technology is called Thin Actuator Sound Solution and was designed with an audio manufacturer whose name has not been revealed. The plates measure 150 x 90mm and are only 2.5mm thick. They weigh only 40 g and can therefore be easily integrated into the car interior, whether in the dashboard, in the doors or in the seats. To achieve this result, LG Display has made a clean sweep of the traditional speaker concept, with a membrane, a dome, a coil and a magnet. Instead, it uses a system that vibrates certain parts of the vehicle’s interior and, according to the manufacturer, provides an immersive 3D sound experience. This type of technology has, for example, been used on certain Sony televisions under the name of Acoustic Surface audio, with a system of activators that vibrates the OLED panel to propagate the sound. For its part, LG had proposed to transform the OLED panel of its G8 ThinQ smartphone into a giant membrane. However, it will be necessary to see if the LG Display solution is able to reproduce all frequency ranges to benefit from good sound reproduction.

LG Display says its technology Thin Actuator Sound will be marketed in the first half of 2023. For the moment, no car manufacturer has expressed its intention to adopt it.

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