CFE: This is how you can change the address on the electricity bill

Have the electricity bill CFE updated is essential for most procedures, so if you changed your address it is important to correct the address registered with the Federal Electricity Commission and in The Truth News we bring you the details.

Changing the owner’s name is also essential, especially if the property is for rent, if the house is sold or because the owner of the service has passed away. In all cases, the procedure must be carried out from the official page of the commission,

The first thing you should know is that the procedure is gratuitous and it is reflected in the form immediatewhether you carry out the procedure in person or online, both have the same validity.

How to change the address of my CFE electricity bill?

CFE: This is how you can change the address on the electricity bill

The change of name and address is free.

To request the change in person, you must go to an office of the CFE Basic Services Provider Customer Service Center that is close to your home and request the change in the electricity bill. To do this you must bring: official identification of both the old and the new owner, universal code of the supply point, written request from the new owner, explaining the reasons for the change and in the case of rent, bring a copy of the lease.

To update the electricity bill online:

  • Enter the official site of the Federal Electricity Commission by clicking hereYo.
  • Enter the required data, such as the service number, name that appears in the service, telephone, mail or amount of the last payment.
  • Select “Yes, I require an update”
  • Confirm the captcha at the end of the form

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How can I check my CFE receipt?

CFE: This is how you can change the address on the electricity bill

Light bill.

The light bill of the CFE can be consulted and downloaded from the CFE Contigo mobile application or through the official website of the Federal Electricity Commission; Once the app is installed, you must enter your service number and that’s it, you can enter the system to download the receipt in PDF.

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