Challenging gardening year mastered with flying colors

Despite difficult conditions, the fruit and horticultural association was able to hold some courses in 2021.
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The fruit and horticultural association invited to the somewhat different annual general meeting.

Dornbirn. At the beginning of November, after intensive discussions, the board of the OGV decided that the annual general meeting should be held this year in writing so that the association remains able to act in 2022. “That was quite a challenge, so we had to send almost 400 invitations by email and 400 invitations by post, but we were able to hold our 132nd AGM – just a little different,” explains Ingrid Benedikt, member of the management team at OGV Dornbirn. Flexibility is also in demand at the OGV these days and it seemed to have mastered the challenges of the last few months excellently.

Praise, suggestions and wishes

In the invitation, the members were asked to send the vote back in practically written form. “Fortunately, 150 votes have come back to date, which is really great and, in addition to the wishes of the members, we also received a lot of praise and recognition for having mastered the whole thing so well in such a difficult situation and holding courses whenever possible” , Benedict is happy. In addition to the written vote, the organizers sent a questionnaire to find out how the members are informed about the respective events. The form also provided the opportunity to suggest topics and ideas for courses and events.

Lots of snails, less fruit

The members also received reports on the management team’s activities. Sigi Wohlgenannt looked back on the previous gardening year: “The first part of the year was characterized by rather cool weather and a lot of rain and the associated number of snails. Some gardening enthusiasts actually spoke of snail invasions, but this also enabled many trees to recover that had suffered in the last dry years. ”However, the fruit harvest this year was rather poor, as the late frost destroyed many of the fruit blossoms.

Due to the corona, the courses were split with many registrations. “That was not easy, but the large amount of feedback confirmed that the quality of the courses has increased significantly as a result,” said Wohlgenannt.

An important and expensive new acquisition was also due for the club in 2021. “This year we bought a new distillery port valued at 22,000 euros. This was absolutely necessary and unfortunately had a somewhat negative effect on the balance sheet (12,338.75 euros), ”Wohlgenannt continues. On the other hand, believe it or not, 55 burners were able to produce fine brandies – “which is very gratifying,” says the board of directors enthusiastically. The fact that Vorarlberg’s oldest fruit and horticultural association was able to record an increase of 66 new members also made for joy. “A great record that will provide a lot of motivation in the coming year,” said the management team in unison. (cth)

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