Champions League: Ceferin provides after-sales service for its reform

From the 2024-2025 season, the Champions League as you know it today will no longer exist. More teams, more matches, a mini-league instead of the groups… This deserved an explanation from UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

Champions League: Ceferin makes the after-sales service of its r

from 2024, the current C1 will no longer exist.

The Super League is dead, long live the post-2024 Champions League? For many observers, the reform of the C1 validated Tuesday by UEFA is nothing but compensation for the big clubs owed.

And for good reason, since the new version of the most prestigious of European competitions will bring together some of their demands: new format and more matches, which obviously means more money!

Ceferin defends himself to defend the big clubs

And it could have been worse, but UEFA finally abandoned the idea of ​​reserving two places for European leaders who failed to qualify via their championship. It was an option, not to protect the big clubs, rather to promote our competitions. But it was not a good ideaacknowledged the president of the European body, Aleksander Ceferin, who took advantage of a long interview granted to the team on Tuesday to provide after-sales service for his reform.

With a big question: why want to change a competition that works well and makes everyone dream, as this year proves once again? Always try to improve. There are four more places (passage from 32 to 36 teams, editor’s note). One of them comes from France, which is normal. (…) Having more clubs and more matches is not the Super League. The Super League is to always have the same clubs playing with each otherreplied Ceferin in the sports daily.

Why there will be no Final Four

More clubs, it is indeed not the Super League. But more matches, if. From 2024, each team will play eight in the mini-league, which replaces the group stage, and it could have been ten! Ten games was too much, admitted Ceferin. Eight games is sportingly preferable. (…) With the current formula (six games during the group stage, editor’s note), we know which clubs will qualify after two or three games. With the news, it won’t be so easy, even for the big clubs!

The first eight of the mini-championship will be directly qualified for the eighth, and the teams classified from 9th to 24th place will go through round-trip play-offs to join them. And during the direct elimination phase, the return format will be kept. The idea of ​​the Final Four of 2020 – acclaimed by PSG – not having been retained: I like this idea, but the reality is that it poses many problemsacknowledged Ceferin.

The players, big losers of the reform?

Because with a Final Four, clubs lose matches, with ticketing, hospitality (VIP access, editor’s note)… And broadcasters also want more matches, admitted the Slovenian leader. We have abandoned this idea. Which could however have suited the players, whose calendar will therefore be even busier from 2024. In the end, they seem to be the big losers of this reform. For the rest, it’s presented as duwin-win-win between clubs, broadcasters and UEFA. Word of Ceferin!

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