Changes in sight: what will happen to Guido Kaczka’s program in El Trece

“The 8 Steps of the Million” is today one of the most important programs that El Trece has. The cycle driven by Guido Kaczka It has a very high rating with which it leads the nightly prime time slot. However, one of the most important events in the world will cause changes in the jewel of the Grupo Clarín channel.

The sports journalist would travel to Qatar.

It is that, with the arrival of the World Cup, Martín Liberman will go to Qatar for the World Cup season, which will leave a gap within the juries. This would further complicate the situation in the program of Guido Kaczka because Nicole Neumann is not usually present either, thanks to the fact that the contract she signed gives her great liberties and pretensions that allow her to spend whole months traveling, which generates discontent among her colleagues.

The model allows herself to travel a lot thanks to the contract she signed with the channel.

In this way, the program Guido Kaczka he will have to go out and find replacements for the jurors who would go to the Middle East to see the greatest spectacle of world football in less than two months. However, not everything is negative, since there is the possibility that Liberman will do special coverage for the sports section of the cycle.

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