Chaos sails: the Municipality judges the petition not admissible

This morning the petition against the sails of the Filadelfia was presented in the Municipality, and was deemed inadmissible

This morning the citizens who live near the Philadelphia stadium filed a petition against the sails of the Philadelphia, also considered dangerous, in the municipality. The petition at Palazzo di Città was rejected as the building is not owned by the City, despite the fact that it is the majority shareholder of the Filadelfia Foundation. The sails, which in the past had been compromised by heavy rain and wind requiring repair work, are destined to remain for the moment. The citizens of Borgo Filadelfia will now be able to take one of the two roads that have been recommended by the Palazzo di Città.

The two roads that can be traveled by the citizens of Borgo Filadelfia

Citizens, who have been taking action for several weeks to try to have the sails removed from Filadelfia, were advised to consider writing a letter to the new mayor of Turin, who will be elected in a few days, by registered letter with return receipt, accompanied from a broad description of the problem and from as many signatures as possible, even from people who are not resident in Turin. Or to evaluate the possibility of an exposed: a way that would lead more to confrontation but which could be necessary.

Sail repair of the Philadelphia

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