Charente-Maritime: the ordeal of Gaëlle Boulestin, kidnapped for three years



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C. Le Goff, R. Boutilly, A. Gauvin, A. Gouty, L. Bensimon, C. Trescartes

France 2

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Gaëlle Boulestin, a young woman of 26, was kidnapped for three years by her mother and sister. Last August, she managed to escape and took refuge with a neighbor.

When the teams ofCorrespondent met her, she had just spent another night at the hotel. Sequestered for three years, Gaëlle Boulestin was still in shock, more than a month after his escape. The young woman recounted these three years, cut off from the world. “I haven’t been out for three years “, she asserted. On August 24, in Bignay (Charente-Maritime), two days before his 26th birthday, Gaelle Boulestin managed to escape from the house where she was being held.

She explained that she tried to escape several times. The exits were, for the most part, blocked off. Inside, the mother and her two daughters lived without running water, electricity, and cell phones. “I was doing nothing at all, she told. All I did was wait, like a kidnapped person. We had no electricity, the conditions were really bad. We had to eat once a day. “ Gaelle Boulestin also described the room where she was being held: “There was a mattress that was even more usable. And then a chair, a table, there you go.” In October 2020, after several reports from the neighborhood and social services, the gendarmerie opened an investigation. For his part, the mayor of the village alerted the prosecutor. From now on, Gaëlle Boulestin must rebuild himself, relearn simple things, such as bathing, eating and taking care of himself.

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