Charges against Nicolas Hulot: the testimonies of two alleged victims in Special Envoy (VIDEO)

This Thursday, November 25, the teams ofCorrespondent on France 2 unveiled the result of a four-year investigation into the accusations of sexual assault and rape targeting Nicolas Hulot. A document in which several women have testified with their faces uncovered.

I know that from tomorrow the lynching will begin a declared Nicolas hulot on BFMTV on the eve of a shock investigation carried out by theCorrespondent. For four long years, the journalists of France 2 have gathered and collected the testimonies of several women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot. Most prescribed facts, some of which had already been denounced a few years ago. In 2008, Nicolas Hulot had already been targeted by a complaint from Pascale Mitterrand, the granddaughter of the former President of the Republic, François Mitterrand. A rape complaint dating back to 1997, finally dismissed, and which gave courage to other alleged victims to break the silence.

A first moving testimony

And that is the whole point of the last issue ofCorrespondent. It was first Sylvia who agreed to testify with her face uncovered. She says she was sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot on May 27, 1989. At that time, she was only 16 years old and admires the work of the illustrious host ofUshuaia. He is 34. Following an appointment during the recording of a radio program, he allegedly forced her to practice oral sex in his car, in the middle of a parking garage. open. In front of the cameras of France 2, Sylvia has not forgotten anything of this day. His lively emotion seems to testify to this. “I have no proof… This is the biggest burden of my life“she blurted out.

“He throws himself on me, touches my breasts”

Another woman also wanted to testify. At the time, in the 90s, she worked at the French Embassy in Russia. While Nicolas Hulot and his teams stay there to shoot a numberUshuaia, she is called to the rescue by order of the Elysee to unblock the situation at customs. It was during an evening in a club that Nicolas Hulot would have adopted an inappropriate attitude. In the taxi, the young woman then 23 years old said to have suffered the assaults of the former minister. “He throws himself on me, he tries to kiss me, he touches my breasts, the crotch“she remembers today. For her part, Nicolas Hulot and his lawyers ensure that”never assaulted any woman“.

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