Charles Cecil (Les Chevaliers de Baphomet) is inspired by Tintin for each of his games

Charles Cecil is a Point & Click legend. It is to him that we owe titles like Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress and especially Les Chevaliers de Baphomet. And while his designs have inspired other game designers over time, he himself was inspired by a famous author. This author is Hergé.

Charles Cecil draws his inspiration from the Tintin comics during the creation of each of his games. And these are not assumptions on our part. Indeed, the co-founder of Revolution Software himself admitted it in an interview.

From Dupont to Moue, there is only one page

The Knights of Baphomet recently celebrated 25 years of its release. On this occasion, Charles Cecil answered questions from the British site Alternative Magazine Online. And when the latter pointed out to him that there were similarities between The Adventures of Tintin and The Knights of Baphomet, the game designer nodded. While making a revelation about his creative process:

I have a Tintin book and I open it every time we make a new game and start looking for characters.

It is true that each episode of the Knights of Baphomet features a number of tasty characters. This is also the case with the adventures of the young Belgian reporter with the puff.

A Tintin game by Charles Cecil, a sweet dream?

For the record, this avowed taste of Charles Cecil for Tintin involuntarily makes one think of Microids. Indeed, the last title of Revolution Software, Beyond a Steel Sky, was published on consoles by Microids. And it is this same Microids who is currently working on a Tintin game. It’s almost as if the French publisher and the English studio were made for each other.

A Tintin game written and produced by the creator of the Knights of Baphomet would have enough to make fans of both licenses dream. Moulinsart applying extreme control over the Tintin license, the creativity of Charles Cecil would certainly be constrained on such a project. But it is in any case only a question of a reverie “out loud” on our part, a Tintin game by Revolution not being on the agenda.

Does Charles Cecil’s love for Tintin surprise you? Do you see any similarities between the Adventures of Tintin and the games of Revolution Software? Are you expecting a new Knights of Baphomet? And are you eager to learn more about the Tintin game from Microids? Tell us all in the comments below.

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