Charles III at Queen’s funeral: scientist lands viral hit with chess comparison

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Of: Annemarie Goebbel

King Charles has big shoes to fill. What will the future bring him? Queen Elizabeth’s funeral inspired a Twitter user to speculate.

London – Even if the monarchy is not necessarily for everyone in the Commonwealth: That the deceased Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) was great, most people could agree on that. King Charles III has this bonus point. (73) not to show, which is why, hardly on the throne, a sharp wind blows in his face, which is still wet with tears. He’s not the only one wondering what the future of the British kingdom will look like. Twitter user David Smith found a resourceful answer.

King Charles III looks more immobile than Queen Elizabeth II in the first few days.

Smith’s vision shows an image of the King at the Queen’s funeral in Westminster Abbey: “Now that we have a king, these types of events will take much longer since he can only move from square to square on the ground. #queensfuneral“. The tweeter, who says he is known to his 1,854 followers as a “scientist and general nerd from Bothwell, Scotland”, is alluding to the venerable abbey’s black and white floor, which resembles a chess board.

While in chess the queen is free to move in all directions, the king is only allowed to advance square by square. The king in chess is an immobile piece, especially initially, since it is surrounded by its own chess pieces. The queen, on the other hand, combines the effects of a rook and a bishop, making it the most mobile and strongest piece in the game. Beyond the church floors, much is said about Charles III on the political stage. future power relations speculated: can he continue to unite the states of the Commonwealth behind him?

King Charles III and his every step is under keen scrutiny

The checkered pattern on the floor at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral brought a Twitter user to a resourceful comparison of chess, which he also saw as future-oriented for King Charles III. has (photomontage). © Mark Large/dpa & Dominic Lipinski/dpa

The king has been in office for ten days and although he has just buried his mother, answers are expected from him. He is under close scrutiny. Although it was already known in advance that Charles III. as king wants to slim down the monarchy, but what that will look like in concrete terms and whether he has inherited his mother’s diplomatic flair remains to be seen. The events surrounding a leaking pen already showed in a picturesque way that he does not have her control.

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Viewed soberly, King Charles III. With Queen Elizabeth II not be compared. After all, the monarch sat on the throne for 70 years and has long been part of the collective memory, not only of the British. Charles was the eternal heir to the throne who supposedly had enough time to prepare for his role as monarch, but always only played a supporting role. On top of that, the whole world knows about his love life. It remains to be seen whether the tweet turns out to be an oracle, but to stay with the chess comparison: neither the king nor the queen was allowed to jump over pieces. Sources used:

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