Charline Vanhoenacker on her ouster from the morning show of France Inter: "I felt there was no point in fighting"

In an interview at World, Charline Vanhoenacker returns to the way in which the cessation of her daily column in the morning of France Inter was notified to her by the management of the station. A choice she understands, but which surprised her.

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On June 10, Charline Vanhoenacker revealed that she would no longer be doing a daily column in the morning of France Inter next season. The Belgian had been providing a humorous pastille at 7:55 a.m. for eight years. On Twitter, the comedian clarified that it was “the management of France Inter“who had him”meant the end of his morning column“.”I did not object to it, so I take part in it“, nuanced the one who will still keep a weekly column next season.

A choice of management that Charline Vanhoenacker “cincludes“but against which she could not”fight

Interviewed this weekend by The world, Charline Vanhoenacker returned to how she had learned to stop her daily lozenge. “Two months ago, the management of France Inter told me that my column would stop at the start of the school year. The exchange was cordial, but I felt that there was no point in fighting, that the decision was made. The management explained to me that there were going to be changes in the morning, that my column was part of it, which I can hear“explains the comedian.

She keeps her daily afternoon show

At the time, this surprised me. But I’ve been doing this exercise for eight years now. It takes a lot of energy. I take this stop as an opportunity, it’s good to change. And I was offered to keep a weekly column in the morning” she adds. Charline Vanhoenacker will also continue to host By Jupiter!her daily program broadcast in the afternoon in which she is surrounded by Juliette Arnaud, Alex Vizorek and Guillaume Meurice).

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