Charlotte bursts into tears after the incident at the funeral – Kate is forced to pull in

Emotions took over for little Princess Charlotte.

Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused

After the commercial: Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused


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Monday, September 19 was a difficult day for the whole world, but especially for the British royal family, who had to say goodbye to their mother, grandmother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-grandmother and Queen.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was sad but also beautiful and stately. The shouts of over a million people echoed through the streets of London as the Queen was laid to rest. At the same time, there was hardly a dry eye.

At one point, the emotions took over and it broke completely for, among others, little princess Charlotte, reports Us Weekly.

Princess Charlotte in tears

As the funeral ceremony at Westminster Abbey drew to a close, Elizabeth’s coffin was carried out by sailors from the Royal Navy, who then carried the coffin into a hearse. But watching her great-grandmother being carried from the hearse to the car was too much for Princess Charlotte, who sobbed loudly as the tears flowed.

Luckily, she had mum Kate, newly-wed Princess of Wales, by her side. Before Charlotte joined the others in the royal train behind the coffin, Kate wiped away her tears and the little princess was soon able to walk by her brother Prince George’s side.

Queen Elizabeth’s special bond with her great-grandchildren

Even George burst into tears at one point during the funeral ceremony. And Charlotte wore a fall cow brooch as a symbolic tribute to her great-grandmother.

Elizabeth was undeniably close to her great-grandson, even Little Prince Louis, 4, who, however, was not present during the funeral due to his young age. But according to Hellohe is said to have expressed his good intentions when Kate told him about the Queen’s death.

“Mom don’t worry. At least now she gets to be with great-grandfather,” Louis said then.

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