Charlotte Called secret out – lasted for several months

Charlotte Kalla has put the skis on the shelf and thrown herself into a new everyday life. At the same time, she has had a secret.

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Last winter, the news came that shook sports Sweden – after 16 years, Charlotte Kalla retires from skiing.

During her long and successful career, she has won 22 championship details. Still, she does not waver in her decision.

– So far I have not regretted, she says to Svensk Damtidning.

In the same interview, she reveals something else – how nice it is that a certain secret is out.

Charlotte Called new life after finishing her skiing career

It has now been a few months since Charlotte announced her resignation and several new doors have already opened.

Among other things, she has become an ambassador for Skistar and had more time to devote to her other collaborations, such as her skin care series with Kronan’s pharmacy.

Not just that. Recently, she was asked what she longed for – if she wants to talk on P1 in the summer.

For Charlotte, the offer could not have come at a better time:

– I have received the question before but did not feel ready so I hoped that I would get the chance now that I have finished my career.

– It feels like a great opportunity to look back and make a form of summary and a little more comprehensive conclusion than I did before when the season was over.

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Wonderfully! But there has been a problem – every month of secrecy!

Charlotte Kalla

Charlotte Kalla is one of this year’s summer talkers. Photo:

Mattias Ahlm

Charlotte Called Secret: “Waiting to Tell”

Not being able to talk about his summer talk has been tricky, but since two and a half weeks, the “home ice cream” is finally out.

Charlotte thinks it is a relief.

– I and the producer Sara were heard for the first time at the end of April, I think, so it feels like they have still been waiting to be told that “this is what I have been working on all spring”. Now it feels good to have recorded.

– And it’s nice that it’s public so I can talk about it, so I do not have to talk about it and around it.

Charlotte’s summer talk will be about fears and courage. The whole process has felt “a bit like sitting in a therapy chair,” she says.

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