Chart of the Day: iPhone and services save Apple


Thanks to the sales generated by its iPhone, Apple’s third fiscal quarter presents interesting results, according to what the Cupertino, California-based company reports.

In the era of hyper-information and hyper-connectivity, mobile devices have become a kind of extension of the human body; a need that even grows day by day, while throughout the world, connectivity continues to advance by leaps and bounds.

Based on this premise, there is no doubt that Apple is one of the most important companies in history and, in turn, one of the most innovative, a fact that can be verified with each of its launches, from the iconic iPhone, through the iPad, iWatch, the Mac, among others.

To date, according to the ranking Forbes Global 2000the technology company founded by Steve Jobs was placed in second position, only below the Arab Saudi Aramco, of the most profitable companies of 2021, achieving revenues of up to 100 thousand 600 million dollars.

As is well known, this year, Apple will launch its new iPhone 14 and, as happens every year, a great deal of innovation is expected.

Apple strengthens its sales thanks to the iPhone and its services division

In the midst of the crisis caused by Covid-19 and, now, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, Apple has completed its third fiscal quarter with interesting results.

In accordance with the report submitted by the company, the sales generated by the iPhone were 83 billion dollars; however, the profit or net income fell from 21.7 billion to 19.4 billion dollars.

Secondly, Much of this success is due to strong growth in its services division, including iCloud, AppleCare, Apple TV+ and Apple Music.which reported revenues of up to 19.6 billion dollars.

“Our results for the quarter continue to demonstrate our ability to manage our business effectively, despite the difficult operating environment. We have set a revenue record in the June quarter and our installed base of active devices has reached an all-time high across all geographic segments and product categories,” Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, said in the company’s earnings release. company.

These are certainly encouraging figures for the company, especially after the limitations caused by Covid-19 and the shortage of silicon throughout the industry, which, according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, did not work out. to be of great impact for as it was estimated.

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