Charts Japan: another record launch for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A successful bet for Nintendo and Monolith Soft, who, like us, are witnessing the best launch of the Xenoblade franchise with the latest chapter. With 112,728 box sales, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 beats the previous record set by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (97,000) and allows the franchise to gain even more popularity, especially since download sales have undoubtedly increased. also compared to December 2017.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo’s game outperforms Digimon Survive’s launch, which far from wreaked havoc with 28,536 Switch sales and a PS4 version not even making it into the top 10. For a franchise that’s been off the shelves for so long, it was probably not the expected result, even if it should be noted that this title between visual novel and tactical RPG moves away from habits. For the record, the best performance of Digimon in Japan goes back to the very first Digimon World released in 1999 on PlayStation (30,000 sales at launch but 250,000 at end of life).

As for console sales, it’s a good week ahead of the three players, each at their level. The Switch continues to be a hit with 73,238 sales, but it is the PlayStation 5 that is finally finding stock and coming out close to 40,000 sales. Despite this good week, the PS5 is 64,000 sales behind the PS4 at the same stage (90 weeks). The Xbox Series, for its part, is 126,000 behind the Xbox at the same stage, but the gap is narrowing week by week and the Xbox Series should sooner or later become the most popular Microsoft console in the archipelago. .

For the sequel, Earth Defense Force 6, Soul Hackers 2, SD Gundam Battle Alliance, and Saints Row are the main releases for August, but the next big jolt is expected for the release of Splatoon 3 on September 9th.

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