Charts Japan: good starts for the OLED Switch and Metroid Dread

Biggest novelty of the week and ambassador of the OLED Switch, Metroid Dread takes the lead in sales in Japan with 86,798 copies sold excluding downloads. You don’t even have to know the digital numbers to qualify MercurySteam’s game as the best franchise launch in Japan, even if you can’t compare with the very first. Metroid whose initial figures have never been communicated. Swicht effect requires, Metroid Dread therefore eclipses the 50,000 sales made by Metroid Fusion in 2003 and already exceeds total sales of Metroid : Samus Returns by the same studio. After the estimates from the United Kingdom, everything indicates that Metroid Dread will easily establish itself as the best performance in franchise history.

Samus therefore relegates Far Cry 6 in second place, Ubisoft’s game with 50,905 sales on PS4 and PS5, down from 81,405 sales made by Far Cry 5 in March 2018, even if it is possible that digital will reduce the gap between these two opus. At the heart of the ranking, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash. Bros Ultimate, Ring Fit Adventure and Minecraft are the main beneficiaries of the launch of the Switch OLED with increased sales compared to last week, in particular the game of Sakurai which also benefits from the Sora effect. A thought also for the 9,513 Japanese currently face to face in the depths of space with Monika. Monika dake.

After a few relatively quiet weeks, the Switch took advantage of the launch of the OLED model to find the stars with nearly 180,000 consoles sold, including 138,409 for the little news with the shimmering screen. Unlike the UK, it is less than the Switch Lite which had 178,000 sales at launch, but it had a more affordable price (22,000 yen against 38,000 yen for the OLED console) and was not concerned by the shortage of components. Note that the Switch has for the occasion crossed 4 million sales since January and therefore remains in the footsteps of its record performance of 2020 (4.1 million consoles sold at the same stage of the year). Meanwhile, the Xbox Series crosses the 100,000 sales mark, a figure it took the Xbox One 50 months to reach. To each his own little satisfactions.

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