Cheap France-Algeria flights: Transavia prices for October 2022

The month of September represents an opportunity for travelers to think of a new destination for their next vacation. But also to plan their next trips well. This context has not escaped the air carriers who are constantly unveiling new offers and new programs.

In the same vein and during the presentation of its summer 2022 report, the low-cost airline Transavia announced some new features relating to its new flight program to Algeria. Indeed, there are five new lines linking France and the national territory.

New France – Algeria airlines: Transavia prices for October 2022

From autumn 2022, Transavia intends to serve Algeria through five new lines, these are: Paris – Sétif (four flights per week), Paris – Béjaia (one flight per week), Lyon – Béjaia (two weekly connections), Lyon – Constantine (two weekly flights), Nantes – Oran (two weekly connections).

Moreover, each time a new program is published, Algerian travelers ask themselves a single question. Especially the prices. To allow the level of prices set by Transavia, we carried out a simulation on its booking site.

Regarding the Paris – Sétif line, Transavia offers one-way tickets from 70 euros. A fairly attractive price for the launch of this new line. This rate applies to flights in the first half of October. In addition, from October 18, Transavia will increase its prices to reach the 150 euro mark for a one-way ticket.

Another line departing from Paris is included in Transavia’s novelties. It is about the Paris – Béjaia line. Appearing in the program of the low cost company from next October 1st. This route also displays some interesting dates. Indeed, Transavia offers one-way travel between Paris and Béjaia from 80 euros. This is the case for flights scheduled for October 6, 8 and 12, 2022.

What about lines departing from Lyon?

From Lyon, Transavia will serve two airports. In particular, those of Béjaia and Constantine. For the first line, flights are only available from November 2022. For these first services, Transavia displays one-way tickets at a price of 171 euros. However, from the second half of November 2022, these fares will drop somewhat to reach the bar of 130 euros for a one-way trip in economy class.

Furthermore, the Lyon – Constantine route also benefits from Transavia promotions. Indeed, it offers one-way travel from 80 euros. For example, the flight scheduled for October 6th.

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