Check out 5 tips to enjoy the World Cup without neglecting your health

The wait for the debut of the Brazilian team at the World Cup in Qatar is already moving the country and, although the atmosphere is festive, specialists remember the importance of some basic care to maintain happiness and health during this and the next games of the Brazilian team .

The recent increase in cases of Covid-19 is the main concern, since Brazilians have the custom of cheering in groups. The suggestion is that people wear protective masks if they are inside an apartment with poor ventilation, for example.

“In closed places or without air circulation, masks are again very important”, points out infectologist David Urbaez, from Exame Medicina Diagnóstica, referring to the recent increase in the positivity of Covid-19 tests.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and/or fatty foods can compromise the next day of the most excited fans and, therefore, moderation is recommended. “Stay hydrated before, during and after drinking alcohol. Also avoid ingesting alcoholic beverages without being well fed”, suggests doctor Rosamar Rezende, consultant at Medictalk, a platform dedicated to the exchange of information between doctors.

Here are some tips to enjoy the World Cup without neglecting your health:

1. Don’t value the results so much

Despite all the mystique that surrounds the Brazilian team, psychologist Denise Ayres d’Avila, from the Doctoralia portal, suggests that the results of the games should not be overvalued. “Think of games as an opportunity to socialize with friends and not as a defining issue of your happiness,” she says.

The physical signs of anxiety – excessive sweating, shortness of breath and a racing heart – should not be ignored. If you’re on the over-emotional team, take a walk and focus on your breathing to calm down. “Don’t forget: the game is over and your life goes on,” he says.

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2. Opt for lighter snacks

Nutritionist Carolina Vogado, from the Centro Universitário do Planalto Central Apparecido dos Santos (Uniceplac), suggests that people look for healthy options to stave off hunger during the games, because nervousness and anxiety can lead to a momentary food compulsion.

“At home, look for healthier snacks, try including vegetable snacks. If you go to a bar, choose options without frying”, suggests Carolina Vogado.

3. Moderate alcohol consumption

Excess alcohol consumption can bring some damage to health such as accelerated heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, hypoglycemia, lack of motor coordination and drowsiness.

Continuous use can also lead to gastritis, esophagitis, digestive bleeding, liver problems, pancreatitis, peripheral neuropathy, anemia, immune dysfunction, osteoporosis, in addition to being a risk factor for several types of cancer.

4. Get vaccinated and wear a mask

The crowd is more fun in a group, but it is important to remember that the country is experiencing a daily increase in new cases of Covid-19 related to the new subvariants of Ômicron. “To contain the transmission of the virus, the use of a mask has become fundamental again”, highlights infectologist David Urbaez, from Exame Medicina Diagnóstica.

The doctor also reminds you of the importance of getting vaccinated if boosters are available within your age group. “Vaccination is the best preventive measure against Covid-19”, points out Urbaez.

5. Take care of your voice

Screaming is unavoidable, but measures to reduce damage to the vocal cords are necessary. Voice expert Arthur Conegundes suggests increasing water consumption throughout the day to hydrate the vocal fold. Also, after a long day of euphoria, rest is necessary to recover from possible hoarseness.

“When we scream, we run the risk of causing injuries, so it’s important to be protected for that”, says Conegundes.

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