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Black Friday 2022 has finally arrived and, with it, a multitude of excellent offers have also arrived, with discounts which, as we are telling you, do not only concern extraordinary and numerous discounts from Amazonbut also many other stores, such as Mediaworld, Unieuro or Yeppon.

In fact, all the stores are having their say on the matter, with greatly reduced prices on practically any product category and, among others, the contribution of the Lego Store could not be missing who, after months of not so interesting offers, finally returns to the fray with a series of really excellent discounted offersall conditioned by the presence of Black Friday 2022 which, starting today, will offer Lego customers the opportunity to save money for the whole weekend!

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To open the dance, as always, they are the magnificent gift sets, which for the occasion are 2! the second of which is particularly satisfying, since it contains 5 limited edition models! But let’s start from the first, also because it is the one that will require the least expense, since you will be able to receive it with purchases over 170 euros.

We are talking about delicious set “The Winter Elves” which, as usual, has a Christmas theme, and can come in really handy if (like us) you love to spruce up your home with many small and delicious themed Lego sets. composed by a small woodland dioramacomplete with snow and some decorations, this set is small, but very detailed, and includes an ice skating rink, two elf minifigures at play, and even a squirrel. The set is small but delightfuland goes perfectly with the period since, with Black Friday, the long-awaited part of the fact holiday season.

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The second, which perhaps will make the collectors out of the chair, instead it is a huge tribute to the Lego House which, as you know, this year turns 5and Lego has therefore decided to celebrate his home in Billund in a big way, and with a set that is made up not of a single and small set, but of 5 different products, which can be yours in one fell swoop, with an expense exceeding 250 euros!

Composed of 583 piecesthis set includes, as mentioned, 5 different models, namely: a miniature version of the Lego House itselfwhich incorporates the style and shapes of the famous Lego Architecture line, a set dedicated to the Tree of Creativitya third set which, in turn, is made up of 3 parts, and is dedicated to the cute and colorful dinosaurs in the Lego version of the Masterpiece Gallerythe legendary Wooden Duckcompletely identical to the original in wood, which today has become a symbol of the history of the Billund house and, finally, a set dedicated to the Molding Machineor the machine with which Lego produces its iconic bricks.

LEGO presents the two new free sets (GWP) LEGO presents the two new free sets (GWP) LEGO presents the two new free sets (GWP) LEGO presents the two new free sets (GWP)

It is, therefore, about a complex set in its own waydesigned precisely to celebrate what is the myth of the bricks and their “home” and which, for this reason, fwill surely delight many enthusiasts Lego (and collectors) from our country, especially considering that the single sets are also equipped with a small display base, precisely to bear witness to their exclusivity and the purely “artistic” nature of the operation.

As regards, however, discount sets, we can only refer you to the list below, where you will find all, absolutely all, the sets that Lego is discounting for these days of crazy discounts. Obviously we invite you to make your purchases as soon as possible, since availability is limited in any case, and there’s a serious risk that the best looking (or affordable) sets will sell out quickly.

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Lego offers for Black Friday 2022

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