Check out the catch of Elias (23) in the middle of the city

Sunday morning it was good weather in Trondheim. Elias Skorpen (23) took the trip to the permanent fishing spot by the Nidelva in Trondheim before he went to work.

– I have been there many times before and not received anything, so I did not have much faith, says Skorpen to TV 2.

This morning, however, the fishing luck was to turn for the Trondheim student from Ă…lesund.

The case was first mentioned by Adresseavisen.

– A bit of a tug of war

When Skorpen came down to the river he saw that another fisherman had caught a nice salmon on the hook, so he thought there were possibilities.

– Then I fish down the river and suddenly it narrows out of the blue. I realized pretty quickly that it was a fairly large salmon, he says.

The job of getting the salmon ashore became a long-term affair.

– It was a bit of a tug of war. I stood safely and fought for 10-12 minutes without seeing it, says Skorpen.

Thought it was run

Then the line got stuck in a branch, and Skorpen thought it would not be possible to get the fish up.

– I thought that now it is over, but then luckily the branch snapped off, he says.

LONG BATTLE: It took Elias over ten minutes to haul the salmon of over twelve kilos ashore. Photo: Private

Then, however, he got a new problem, because the branch then hung on the line, and he feared it could get stuck in the bottom.

– Some people were sitting on the bridge and looking at me, so I called for help from them. He alone was very kind and helped me.

In collaboration with the helper, Skorpen caught the salmon so close to land that it ran aground.

– When I realized that it was far enough inside, I threw the rod and ran away to pull it in.

Smoked salmon for Christmas

When he got the salmon ashore, Skorpen saw how big it really was. The weight showed 12, 8 kilos.

– I have never had one so big before, far from it. There was a lot of adrenaline and emotion, he says.

The crust says that he has caught a cod of 26 kilos before, but that this was even more cool.

– It barely fit in the freezer at home, so there will probably be smoked salmon for Christmas. That is the plan, says the 23-year-old, who fortunately loves salmon.

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