Check the one by one of Colo Colo before Unión La Calera

Brayan Cortes: He only had two interventions, the two keys. The first came at 4 ‘in a shot in a small area. The other was in ’65 and it was remarkable. In the goal he had nothing to do.

Oscar Opazo: He is returning to his level. He threw the center that Falcón connected at the time of goal. In the first half he had good drops, making a good tandem with Costa. In the complement it was diluted like the rest of the team. Together with Fuentes they could not close Sánchez in the Calerano draw.

Maximiliano Falcon: Great Wig match. Fiero on the mark, without giving space to the rival’s forwards, he won everything from above and was not complicated when clearing the ball. After Opazo’s center, he headed and the ball deflected into a defender and went to the back of the net.

Emiliano Love: Good performance. Good when covering and closing the ball. Above marks differences. In addition, it has a good start. He makes a good pair with the Uruguayan.

Miiko Albornoz: Correct presentation. Offensively he complied, but he did not have as much finesse in the last pass. He had a good overflow just started the complement, reaching the baseline but his center was very deviant.

Cesar Fuentes: Great contribution to recovery, being everywhere. However, with the passing of the minutes he was running out of physical rest and it was noticed. Together with Opazo they could not close Sánchez at the time of the goal.

Vicente Pizarro: One of the highest points. He always has the necessary clarity to start football and also with the ball at his feet. He only missed one pass in the entire match. Also, his delivery is to take off his hat. Always well positioned to go to the recovery of the ball. Like the entire midfield, it was losing oxygen with the passing of the minutes.

Leonardo Gil: They marked him and beat him a lot. When he took the ball he always translated it into a good game. He gave a good pass to Solari, who threw a balloon but was taken out of the line. Due to his great physical effort, he was running out of air and it showed.

Joan Cruz: Its quality shows. But his desire plays a trick on him and he tends to rush. He gave a good filtered pass to Morales, who was far ahead of the ball. In addition, he had a good personal after turning around, he left in the race but he rushed a lot in the auction. You must improve your definition, otherwise they will only be sparks, which do not add up.

Gabriel Costa: Low. He contributed a lot to high blood pressure. However, he was very thin in delivery, which translates into many turnovers. He had a shot that passed a meter from the line in the first fraction. Like Cruz, he must sharpen his aim.

Ivan Morales: Correct presentation of the Tank; fast and expensive. He generated danger by opening up to the band. In this way a good play was born starting from the band to make a diagonal and finish, he went to the corner. In addition, he had a great run to finish in a pass to Gil who finished off and the ball went to the edge of the net.

El Cacique quickly took the lead after Víctor González’s own goal. Source: Guillermo Salazar.

Gustavo Quinteros decided to move the pieces and sent Pablo Solari by Joan Cruz at minute 61 ‘. And when the engagement ended, he entered Luciano Arriagada by an exhausted Cesar Fuentes to go in search of triumph.

Pablo Solari: Very low. In the few times it overflowed, it could not generate danger. In addition, he rushes a lot, missing many passes. He looked somewhat frustrated.

Luciano Arriagada: Entered very late, could not participate in the game. The only one he had was a demanded Morales center that caused no danger.

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