Chedraui impacts the consumer with new shopping experiences

  • Chedraui adopts new shopping experiences with advertising circuits at its points of sale.

  • The use of technology is essential to improve the user shopping experience.

  • The Indoor Signage or multimedia digital signage that Chedraui launches represents the future of outdoor advertising, since proximity to the consumer prevails.

In-Store Media presented the first advertising circuit at the point of sale in Chedraui self-service stores in Mexico, the digital strategy seeks to improve communication and the shopping experience of the consumer, who has become more demanding and analytical at the time of purchase. In this way, Chedraui impacts its consumer with new shopping experiences.

The retailers they will not disappear, they will innovate with technology

It is true, retailers they have a big challenge to match the shopping experience that stores give online, who have won the sales market due to the new consumption habits generated by the pandemic. According to the study “The challenges of e-commerce 2021” presented by The Cocktail Analysis Mexico, the Mexican consumer had a boost from the confinement of purchases online and 77 percent of its respondents use the web to buy a category online.

The points of sale became places where buyers felt uncertainty and fear of contagion. But that was just a bad time for the retailers, according to the study “The future of retail” by Euromonitor International, the total sales of the retail in Mexico they will grow 40 percent in the next five years.

Following the data from the Euromonitor study, it is difficult for physical stores to disappear, since their sales represent 42 percent of the growth of the retail In Mexico, the retailers that are going to grow the most are omnichannel, by 2025 they are expected to increase their turnover by 165 percent.

Technology is an open window of opportunity for many retail stores and in Mexico they are already beginning to innovate. Every day we see more projects from technology solutions providers, for example, In-Store Media, has already put its hands to work in Chedraui, with the aim of giving more value to the physical point of sale and improving the shopping experience.

Chedraui impacts the consumer with technology

The bet of the retailer Chedraui for technological commercial proposals has started with In-Store Media, a company of shopper omnichannel marketing specialist in the design and marketing of advertising circuits at points of sale.

The company implemented a digital circuit Signage Indoor –Digital signage– consisting of an installation of 25 screens in the 25 most important stores in Chedraui, which will reproduce more than 19 thousand videos a day.

In the 48 minutes that a shopper de Chedraui dedicated to purchasing, the new channel will offer more visibility, more impact of new brands and products. Screens will be strategically located on shelves to attract attention, influencing the purchase decision and therefore generate more conversion, since the consumer will not be able to avoid looking at the screens where they are offered an offer or a new product is presented.

For brands this is great news, as profits increase, their image will become more memorable and customers will have an innovative shopping experience with the products offered on the screens.

The digital advertising revolution is moving beyond the mobile and computer frontiers to invade the real world, the digital circuit Signage Indoor o multimedia digital signage released by Chedraui represents the future of outdoor advertising at points of sale, as closeness to the consumer prevails, offering an innovative and daring shopping experience; enhancing it with positive memories of the brand and the establishment.

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