Chelsea interested in Bundesliga boss: first contact confirmed

Chelsea boss Todd Boehly plans to strengthen the club in the management level. Image: imago/ pa images

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So far, the current season has been anything but ideal for Chelsea. After a bumpy start, the ripcord has already been pulled in London and coach Thomas Tuchel has been fired. Brighton & Hove Albion’s sensational coach Graham Potter has been on the sidelines at Stamford Bridge for one game.

Club boss Todd Boehly is now apparently planning further changes in the staffing of the club. Boehly has owned the club at Chelsea with his investment company since May 2022.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the previous owner and oligarch Roman Abramovich sold the English football club. Abramovich is on both the UK and EU sanctions lists, leaving Chelsea’s future in the balance.

Billionaire Todd Boehly has been in charge of Chelsea FC since May 2022.

Billionaire Todd Boehly has been in charge of Chelsea FC since May 2022. Image: imago/ sport image

Chelsea interested in RB official

According to information from “The Athletic“The Londoners now want to strengthen themselves with Oliver Mintzlaff on the management floor. Mintzlaff has been CEO of RB Leipzig since 2014 and has played a key role in the Saxons’ successful streak in sport. He has also been the managing director of Leipziger since 2016.

In addition to Mintzlaff, another person is expected to join the Chelsea management before the World Cup in Qatar – so far the ambitions of Todd Boehly. On the one hand, the strategic advisor to Paris Saint-Germain, Luís Campos, was up for debate, but he had already rejected an offer of eight million euros.

Leipzig's managing director Oliver Mintzlaff is on Chelsea's wish list.

Leipzig’s managing director Oliver Mintzlaff is on Chelsea’s wish list.imago/ motivio

On the other hand, another employee of the RB Group is under discussion, namely the sports director of RB Salzburg, Christoph Freund. Noisy “picture“Mintzlaff is said to have already canceled information.

Brand building should be promoted

It is no coincidence that RB staff in particular are to be committed. Boehly plans to further expand the Chelsea FC brand, comparable to the model of “Red Bull” or the “City Football Group”. After all, in Boehly’s home country, the USA, clubs are also called “franchise”.

“I want to keep expanding the footprint. I think there are different countries where there are advantages to having a club.”

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly

The model is to screen and train young players, then bring them to the blues as accomplished players. Boehly describes the current problem as follows:

“The challenge that Chelsea are facing at the moment is that you can loan 18-, 19- or 20-year-old superstars to clubs but put their development in the hands of another club.”

Owning another football club would give you more opportunities to develop players. In addition to Chelsea FC, Todd Boehly already owns shares in the US baseball team LA Dodgers and the basketball teams LA Lakers and LA Sparks.

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