Chicago doesn’t want to become Austria

In the past year, many Americans defied the warnings and took the trip to eat traditional turkey. This year the signs are different: 194 million people – 59 percent of the population – are fully vaccinated, the booster vaccination is recommended for every six months after the second bite, 20 percent of those over 18 have already used the booster. Children from the age of five have also been in the vaccination program since the beginning of November.

Unlike last year, there are broad test options available. The example of other countries with a higher vaccination rate, not least Austria, shows that this alone does not work in view of the spread of the delta variant.

Travelers at Denver Airport (USA) before Thanksgiving

AP/David Zalubowski

Those who can travel home for Thanksgiving, the number of passengers has risen sharply since last weekend

Fear of the “Austrian way”

The “New York Times” (“NYT”) also drew the comparison this week: “The development of the virus in Europe, where Austria had to go into a new lockdown and Germany also had to close the Christmas markets in some regions, gives rise to fears in which The numbers could soar again in the USA as well. “The very last thing she would wish for was to have to do what Austria had to do, said Chicago health officer Allison Arwady to the” NYT “:” I want to really, really not that we have to go this way. “

Nevertheless, unlike in the previous year, the experts are holding back with the warnings of travel and large family get-togethers on the holidays. “Is there a risk of a certain spread? Yes of course, ”says Arwady. She advises those who have not been vaccinated to stay at home. For vaccinated people and especially for people with booster vaccination, the risk of ending up in hospital or dying is very low.

The White House does not anticipate the necessary measures

US politics is still as relaxed as the Austrian government in the summer. Even US President Joe Biden has become much more cautious in his communication about the pandemic. He continues to appeal to the population to get vaccinated – “The vaccines are safe, free and easily available. Do not wait. Get vaccinated today, ”said the US president just last week. He is evidently not considering new measures or even a possible lockdown.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, recently responded to the question of whether measures like those currently in Europe are possible: “I wouldn’t say that. We continue to focus on getting more Americans vaccinated. “

Even US immunologist and presidential adviser Anthony Fauci sees no problem with the celebrations in the family circle: “Get vaccinated and you can enjoy the holidays very easily,” said the expert in an interview with CNN earlier this week. “Let yourself be tested,” he advised – but that is no substitute for vaccination. After all: According to a survey by the Ohio State University, half of all Americans want to ask whether the party celebrating has been vaccinated, 46 percent want the unvaccinated to have a test.

Travelers at Atlanta Airport (USA) before Thanksgiving

AP/Brynn Anderson

The US holiday season kicks off this week – hospitals are warning of the consequences of the social time

Hospitals at their limit after months of pandemic

On the other hand, there are warnings from hospitals, which in some parts of the country are already reaching their capacity limits. In many hospitals, the personnel situation is tense regardless of the current development. Above all, the number of patients who delayed their prevention or treatment of other diseases during the pandemic has increased.

Lively travel traffic despite the CoV pandemic

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, many US citizens are traveling during the Thanksgiving holidays, after many spent the traditional festival at home last year due to the pandemic. The country’s airports are recording a large increase in passengers, and the expensive fuel prices at petrol stations do not deter many from taking vacation trips.

In Massachusetts, elective surgery is already being postponed, CBS Boston reported. In view of the currently strong increase in the number of new CoV infections and, above all, the wave to be expected after Thanksgiving, it is assumed that you will soon reach your limits.

The situation in California is similar, as the Guardian reported. Although the state as a whole currently has one of the lowest incidences, the hospitals in some of the more severely affected regions are already at their limit. Patients from Fresno – where the vaccination rate is only 55 percent – are already being relocated to Los Angeles. “We have run out of resources,” the newspaper quoted nursing staff as saying. Many people in health professions are burned out or have already changed jobs in view of the stress in the pandemic. In New York, there is a lack of people in health professions because there has been a compulsory vaccination for certain professions there since the beginning of November.

Incidence is increasing

The 7-day incidence in the US is just over 200, in 34 US states it is already increasing, in some cases sharply. More than 1,000 CoV deaths are recorded every day (with a population of almost 350 million). Deaths, most of which would have been preventable, affirmed Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). “Most of the dead were unvaccinated. Certainly 100,000 deaths could have been avoided. “

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