Chichi Olave takes out a teacher’s badge to talk about the Colo Colo Cat

Isidora Olave is not only a great footballer from Colo Colo, but today she surprised us all with her teaching skills to talk about an animal that bears the name of our club, Gato Colo Colo.

The player showed off with a very didactic six-minute video where she explains the origin of our club to give footing and talk about Gato Colo Colo, who lives in our country and is strongly cared for.

Chichi Olave participated in the channel of animals, who are looking for different presenters to tell details about the fauna that lives in Chile. A great initiative that can be found on YouTube.

Isidora Olave in Colo Colo

A highly recommended video to see the origins of the Colo Colo Cat and how it is today. Isidora Olave herself tells us that its state of conservation is almost threatened.

Colo Colo Cat

Without wanting to make spoilers, we invite you all to watch this great chapter with our Colo Colo Female player. Check out the video here:

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