China announces use of long-range weapons

Warplanes fly over the Taiwan Strait

Immediately before Pelosi landed, Chinese state television reported without further details that Chinese warplanes had crossed the Taiwan Strait – the disputed strait between Taiwan and mainland China. According to the Defense Ministry in Taipei, more than 20 Chinese planes penetrated Taiwan’s air defense zone, which is larger than the actual airspace.

At the same time, several US military ships cruised in the region around Taiwan. Among other things, the aircraft carrier “USS Ronald Reagan” is in the south of the island, said the US Navy on Twitter.

Since Taiwan split from China, Beijing has wanted to reunite the island with the mainland – if necessary using military force. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has recently fueled fears that Beijing could use a similar approach when dealing with Taiwan.

SU-35 military aircraft (symbolic image): When US politician Pelosi landed, Chinese SU-35 fighter jets are said to have flown across the Taiwan Strait.
In any case, Moscow backed Beijing: Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was a “clear provocation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. China has “the right to take the necessary measures to defend its sovereignty and national integrity.” (Source: Alexey Kudenko/imago images)

China protests against Baerbock’s statement

In view of the tensions surrounding Taiwan, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock warned of an escalation in New York on Monday: “We will not accept international law being broken and a larger neighbor attacking its smaller neighbor in violation of international law – and of course that also applies to China.” She added that in view of the “brutal Russian war of aggression” against Ukraine, it is important to make it clear that the international community does not accept such behavior.

China officially protested Baerbock’s statements. The head of the European department at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Lutong, conveyed the protest to the new German ambassador in Beijing, Patricia Flor, on Tuesday. He spoke of Baerbock’s “wrong comments” the day before in New York, according to a tweet by the high-ranking Chinese diplomat. The Taiwan question is an “internal matter of China”.

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