China: government bans written exams in primary



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A.Miguet, G. Caron, J. Xiong, K. Wang, C. Wang

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In China, it’s a tradition, to be successful, you have to work, from an early age. A monstrous pressure is put by the parents who multiply the support courses. But this at a cost, which would even convince, unless you have children. Therefore, the government has decided to ban exams, in CP and CE1.

Small revolution in China, students no longer have written exams in primary. “Now the children in primary school no longer have written exams, that does not mean that the quality of studies and teaching will drop, it will be more of continuous monitoring”, explains Zhou Ziheng, a father who came to pick up his child from school. Before, from primary school, young Chinese were subjected to no less than seven exams.

The government justifies itself: “The exams put too much pressure on the pupils (…) and damage their mental and physical health”, Chinese Ministry of Education announces. This new measure could even boost the birth rate in the country. “It can encourage children to have more children”, according to a mother. Indeed, China needs, at a time when the birth rate is in free fall because of the cost of education which remains very high among other things.

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