China Suárez revealed what she loves the most about Rusherking

Since they started dating China Suarez and Rusherking all kinds of conjectures were woven: that he was very young, that she wanted to venture into music, that they were not going to last long. However, everything seems to indicate that the relationship is going and that they are better than ever.

So much so that the China Suarez She traveled with her boyfriend to a mega-event in New York and also revealed some of the singer’s attributes that make her fall in love the most. The actress of “El Hilo Rojo” acknowledged that he values ​​her as a mother, woman and professional.

A portrait that says it all.

Several months have passed since the China Suarez and Rusherking are shown together. Although she knew how to give some clues on her social networks about her feelings, this time she showed an image in which she admits what unites them the most.

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