Chiquito Romero launched harsh statements against the president of Racing

Chiquito Romero launched harsh statements against the president of Racing

It’s been a few months now Sergio ‘Chiquito’ Romero joined Boca after being released from Venezia in Italy, something that caused controversy because he is identified with Racingwhich is the club of which he is a fan and where he began his football career.

In this way, in dialogue with Radio La Red, when asked about his relationship with Victor White explained that “What he said made me very angry, what the president said made me hateful when I signed with Boca. He said that ‘Romero chose Boca over Racing’, when he didn’t even go to see me when I was training, nobody came to see me, no manager or anyone from the coaching staff.”

In addition, he stated that “when we met in Arabia I did not greet him. With his statements what he did was cover himself before the Racing fans. He did not see the person, he did not see Romero, he saw himself, he saw his image”, and added that when he came across Ruben Capriacurrent manager of the Academy, told him that “I told him, ‘tell your president not to say things that are not'”.

At the same time, he made it clear that “I would not sit down to have a coffee with Blanco because he did not measure words and hurt the person. If I say the things I did… What will the Racing fan say about Blanco?”

Lastly, he stated that his relationship with the albiceleste fan continues to be good and that “I would play with Boca on a Saturday and the next day, if possible, I would go to the field to see Racing”although he closed by pointing out that “obviously I cannot walk down the street with the Racing shirt because one has to be located”.

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