Chocolate or Meat: Which Provides More Iron?

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  • symptoms at iron deficiency
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  • Comparison: iron through meat

It is for our health important that the body is sufficiently supplied with iron. Many foods are considered to be good sources of iron; including chocolate and meat. We show which of the two products contains more iron.

The importance of iron for our body

iron is a trace element, which can be found in many animal products, but also in plant foods such as legumes or whole grains. The mineral is on involved in many bodily processes for example in oxygen transport and oxygen storage in the muscles. Iron also plays an important role in blood formation, the functionality of important enzymes and various metabolic processes.

Our body can absorb iron better when at the same time Vitamin C-rich foods are eaten. Vitamin C suppliers include peppers, broccoli or orange juice. Of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) becomes one per day Supply of about 15 mg iron for women and 10 mg for men recommended, although the amount required depends on age. But even when you are pregnant, you usually have an increased need for iron.

do you feed yourself meatless or very low in ironit can become a iron deficiency come. Typical symptoms are Tiredness, constant freezing, exhaustion and an increased susceptibility to infections. If you suspect an iron deficiency, you should have the suspicion clarified medically and adjust your diet.

Iron suppliers: meat versus chocolate

Chocolate is best known as a candy and is very popular with many; but she can also convince in her iron values. How high the iron content of the chocolate is depends largely on the cocoa content; so you can even find dark chocolate varieties that 8 mg iron per 100g exhibit.

If you compare these values ​​with the iron values ​​in beef, a clear difference becomes apparent. Beef points only about 1.9 to 2.4 mg per portion of 100 g having. However, it is important not to look exclusively at this value. There is differences in absorbency of iron: The iron contained in meat (also haem-Iron called), can be better absorbed by our body. Vegetable iron (non-heme iron) our body, on the other hand, is less able to absorb it.

Because chocolate is high in sugar and fat, and therefore high in calories, it should be only in moderation to be enjoyed. However, moderation should also be exercised when consuming meat: The German Society for Nutrition mention, that, no more than 600 g of meat per week to consume. It is important that you eat a balanced diet and do not try to cover your iron requirements with just one food. There are many Foods high in ironthat you can fall back on. This also includes plant products such as nuts, kernels, lentils or beans, which give you a varied supply of iron.

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