Chris O’Neill’s unexpected move – here he breaks the prejudice everyone has

The true image of Princess Madeleine’s husband Chris O’Neill!

After the commercial: Hear Chris O’Neill about the longing for Sweden – and the royal family


There is a deep-rooted image of Chris O’Neill as a guy who is heavily rooted in British-American society – and who therefore does not thrive very well in the small duck pond Sweden.

Although he punctured that prejudice very effectively when he and Princess Madeleine yesterday were business tourists on Skuleberget – 50 km from their usual hunting grounds around the Royal Courthouse in Stockholm.

Prince Nicolas visits his duchy Ångermanland with mother and father Chris O'Neill and Princess Madeleine

A great day for Prince Nicolas.

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

Prince Nicolas visits his duchy Ångermanland with father Chris O'Neill and mother Princess Madeleine

A proud father who saw his son make his duke debut.

Patrick Trägårdh / TT

It was a very enthusiastic Chris O’Neill who made his 47-year-old life’s first visit to Ångermanland – and exclaimed “It’s lovely!”. All in its elegant English with a British accent.

– In the last three years, we have only been able to go here to Sweden a couple of times. The last time was at Christmas.

– So it’s wonderful to be back, and to get up here, where I’ve never been before, and see more of this beautiful country.

However, making shrimp from pipe cleaners, one of today’s craft activities, was not entirely his thing, even though Madeleine tried to pepper:

– Focus now, we must learn to do this at home!

Prince Nicolas Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill at Skuleberget in Ångermanland

Princess Madeleine went all in – but Chris was a little more difficult to flirt with when it came to the pipe cleaner thing …

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

Madeleine’s royal success – with 7-year-old Nicolas on a journey

But of course it is not just Summer-Sweden that pulls. Chris was also asked what he appreciates most, now that he is at Princess Madeleine’s home ground. And the answer came quickly:

– To be able to spend time with my wife’s family.

And that is the royal family, of course.

The cavalry house at Solliden's castle

Kavaljershuset on Solliden. Madeleine and Chris live here when they are on Öland.

Photo: TT

Now, after midsummer, the holiday begins for them too, and there are wonderful days off waiting. Madeleine and Chris share a summer stay with Sofia and Carl Philip, in the old Kavaljershuset a stone’s throw from Solliden’s castle, where they each have their accommodation.

Madeleine and Chris in the summer of 2022

– We look forward to a long summer in Sweden, it is the best there is. We have all longed to come home. It’s great, we’re so happy! says Princess Madeleine.

Princess Madeleine and Prince Nicolas on Skuleberget on the High Coast

What a day it was for the family in Prince Nicola’s Duchy of Ångermanland! Princess Madeleine was lyrical: “The High Coast is truly magically beautiful!”

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT

Photo: Patrick Trägårdh / TT.

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