Chrissy Metz drew on her experience for the Rebecca episode

After the Season 6 episode of This is Us broadcast on May 10 in the United States, Chrissy Metz returned to the reunion of the Pearson family and confided that she drew on her own experience to play this intrigue so difficult.

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In episode 16 of season 6 of This is Us, broadcast this Wednesday, May 11 on Canal + Series and the myCanal platform, the Pearson family is found in full with Rebecca whose disease continues to progress and who has just lost a loved one. In effect, the mother of the family (Mandy Moore) has Alzheimer’s disease. Chrissy Metz who plays the role of Kate confided in this moving episode to the American magazine People : “She (Kate, editor’s note) has always been the mediator and the voice of reason for a good reason“, she explained, before adding: “It’s so special that she was able to help her brothers see their mother as she is at that moment. It was a really hard thing to do.Chrissy Metz said she tapped into his personal experience to play this painful intrigue of This is Us : “I personally know that when my mother had a medical emergency four and a half years ago, you literally had to look at your parent as a new person.” For her, “it’s a very, very hard pill to swallow“, as it may have been for Kate’s brothers in the series.

This is Us season 6: “I was channeling my own experience”, says Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz, who celebrated the end of filming with her partners, continued about this episode: “Oh, I was definitely channeling my own experience.As for Kate’s role in helping her brothers understand their mother’s conditionthe actress continued, “The fact that Kate had to push her brothers into action is very powerful for everyone. You just need someone, like Kate, to say, ‘Hey, it’s okay. It’s still mom. She still needs you. She always wants you to be near her. It’s just going to be different from what you’re used to.’

This is Usit’s almost the end

There remains more than two episodes before the end of the series. Next week’s episode promises to be particularly moving. Indeed, Mandy Moore, the interpreter of Rebecca in This is Us been so upset by the events in it thatshe vomited : “It was so beautiful and overwhelming that it was my physical reaction. I couldn’t breathe,” she explained on the Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet.

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