Christell Rodríguez revealed how she faces the criticism she receives

In the midst of this pandemic, Christell Rodríguez revealed on social networks how she faces the criticism she receives from her fans.

Everything started through his Instagram, where the former contestant of the program “Rojo” was consulted about the messages that they send her constantly on social networks.

In this context, the singer referred to the subject in a question and answer session.

“How can you overcome so much criticism and see yourself so safe?” They asked the former television figure.

“Because I live for myself and not for others,” he said, sharing a selfie of her with a pink heart.

Likewise, Christell answered a question related to the questions she receives.

How do you get through the bad days? Do you have confidence in yourself? ”They asked.

Before I trust me, I trust that God is in control of everything and bad days exist, but they come to an end. And another much better day will come, “he replied.

“What would you say to your self from 5 years ago?” Was another query that caught Rodríguez’s attention.

“You don’t need to make an effort to be loved,” the young woman wrote, adding more advice for her old version.

You have never been alone. You are capable of everything you set your mind to. Not everyone deserves your attention and affection, you do not need to be enough for anyone, do not live for others, first you, “he said.

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