Christian Domínguez thanks controversy for his ‘worm dance’: “It was a blessing”

Christian Domínguez was one of the characters on the night of the event in Carabayllo, after having revived the ‘dance of the worm’ in Ethel Pozo’s marriage. The singer together with the International Orchestra made the public scream.

However, to the delight of the fans who were clamoring for Christian Dominguez perform the ‘worm dance’, but refused to do it because it is prohibited, according to the ‘wachiman’ himself.

Despite the fact that the remembered dance is now banned, the cumbiambero assures that he already has work for the rest of the year. “For me, . Between now and December, I have five more marriages”He confessed in front of cameras.

Christian Domínguez assured that according to the contract of The Great Orchestra, no entertainer can share the stage with them, after it was revealed that he did not want to be next to Karla Tarazona.

On the other hand, he assured that he wanted to dance the “worm” at the request of the public, but he confessed that he decided not to do it because he was cold.

In the same Carabayllo event, Christian Dominguez He met his former partner, Karla Tarazona, who introduced The Great International Orchestra. However, she had to be offstage for the group to come up. According to the organizer, the cumbiambero asked that she not be present.

Although, the ‘wachiman’ commented that this is not about any personal matter, but rather that it is part of the contract of the cumbia group. “What was said is what is always said, it does not matter who introduces us, at all events there are presenters, we do not decide that, forget it, each one works on their own, but ”, he commented.

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