Christian Nodal What is the reason that forced you to tattoo your face?

Christian Nodal has become a modern icon of regional Mexican music, and although he is currently reaping many successes, many are still intrigued about the reasons that have led him to get high tattoos on the face, and here we reveal them!

On The Truth News We remind you that the celebrity recently ended his love affair with Belinda, to whom he had already promised marriage.

Previously we told you why they vetoed the singer; however, now we will tell you why he decided to fill his face with ink.

Christian Nodal reveals why he tattoos his face

'Christian Nodal, what is the reason that forced him to tattoo his face?  '

Nodal. Photo:

It was for life&style magazine that Belinda’s ex confessed the reasons that led him to tattoo his face, these were his words:

“I take my passions to another level. Maybe having tattoos on your face seems more extreme…”

But, he added:

“…it is not that (as you asked me) I have created a character that works as a shield.”

And sentenced:

“I love tattoos and that’s why when I see myself I think: ‘That’s me’.”

He also commented that those who support him in the development of his career asked him to wait for his next musical production to come out to get a visible tattoo, he indicated that they asked him to suppress his personality, as he pointed out:

“…they wanted me to be what everyone expected of a regional singer and nobody would let me be.”

Given this, he confirmed that he does not mind looking different from all singers of his musical genre, and that he is not affected by criticism for having tattooed for love of Belinda, although he did not speak about why he decided to erase said tattoos.

What happened to the relationship between Cristian Nodal and Belinda?

'Christian Nodal, what is the reason that forced him to tattoo his face?  '

Belinda and Nodal. Photo:

So far no official version of the breakup is known, but there are versions that assure that it was because he was unfaithful to her and others that indicate that she only wanted him out of interest.

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